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Rivers and Dams


Generally these have involved on ground vegetation surveys documenting and recording flora, mapping vegetation communities and assessing the habitat suitability for threatened species. The information has been prepared for inclusion into DPEMP. Input has been made in some instances to the DPEMP themselves. In some instances we have undertaken or coordinated targeted surveys of freshwater systems, eagle nest searches, sampling for plant pathogens such as Phytophthora and preparing weed management and rehabilitation plans.


Subdivisions and rezonings

Extensive experience covering almost every municipality in Tasmania assessing environmental impacts of subdivision and development proposals.

Major projects include:

White Water Creek, Kingborough Municpal Council 2015 - 2016

More than 250 lots were approved around a centre piece of public open space that protects remants of the local black gum forest for the endangered swift parrot.

Moorville Road Burnie, Burnie City Council 2014

A five stage subdivision.  The project required the protection of some  habitat for burrowing crayfish.

Greens Beach, West Tamar Council 2014

Large multi staged coastal residential subdivision.  

Pass Road, Clarence City Council,
Lynmore Holdings 2003-06

300 plus lot subdivision and rezoning application. Approved by RPDC Feb 2006. The proposal will conserve a large population of rare chocolate lilies under a conservation covenant and include improved management of the bushland through weed control. An important stand of black gums will be added to Council reserve enhancing the conservation of habitat for the endangered swift parrot.

Oceana Drive and Droughty Pt Rd, Clarence City Council,
R. Howie 2003-06

A 200 ha rezoning and multi staged subdivision. Approved by RPDC Feb 2006. The proposal will include the rehabilitation and protection of significant vegetation communities including the retention of the skyline. A saltmarsh will also be protected and managed in coordination with local Landcare Group. NBA have coordinated the provision of Forest Practices Plan including threatened species permit to facilitate vegetation clearance for part of the subdivision

Rokeby Hills Clarence City Council, Malwood 1991-2006

Approximately 100 lots have been implemented in early stages. Later stages , requiring rezoning, are being planned for which NBA have developed with Malwood generous offsets that will protect key forest communities, notably risdon peppermint and blue gum, and threatened species habitat. NBA have consulted with the Landcare Group to ensure local community involvement and support.

Summerleas Rd, Kingborough Council 2004

A 200 lot subdivision which required the clearance of isolated forest community and 90 black gums. NBA have developed with the client an offset strategy in consultation with local Council and State Regulating agencies. The proponents will fund the ex situ conservation to the sum $90 000 for the purchase and management of more intact and viable stands of black gum forest in line with conservation strategies developed by North Barker for black gum forest in Kingborough. NBA prepared successful permit referral to Commonwealth Department of Environment & Heritage.

Brinsmead Road Mt Nelson, Hobart 2004

This is a small subdivision (6 lots) on land adjoining an area of open space. The site supported native vegetation that varied significantly in its integrity. NBA developed a significance map based on habitat hectares scoring vegetation on condition and context. This identified a positive outcome that focused development on the least significant area and provided land for Public Open Space to consolidate an existing bushland reserve. Development approved April 2006

Clarence Heights, Clarence City Council,
Fenshaw Pty Ltd 2005-06

This is a large property (220ha) with extensive areas of open forest supporting a range of significant vegetation communities including blue gum forest, habitats for threatened species including swift parrots and several rare plants. The proposal will include over 300 lots affecting approximately 60 ha. Of the balance significant areas will be protected under conservation covenants and Public Open Space.

Opportunities will be taken to end degradation associated with rubbish dumping, vandalism, car and bike racing. The project will enhance the biodiversity values through integrated weed management, and through a comprehensive planting program.


Tourism Projects

Abt Railway DPEMP 1999

This Tasmanian tourism icon involved the redevelopment of an existing railway. Extensive environmental impact assessment of flora and fauna conservation values was undertaken. The DPEMP developed by Sinclair Knight Merz involved considerable input form NorthBarker to develop guidelines to protect significant vegetation types and minimise the risk of weed and plant pathogen introduction

Cradle Mountain Wilderness Resort 2000

Hazards Resort Federal Hotels 2003-05

This resort development included the renewal and extension of the town water and sewage systems for Coles Bay and involved the resort, 4 dams and water treatment. Coles Bay is a haven for rare plant species that occur in the surrounding reserves. Since the infrastructure development was situated in the same reserves many sensitive issues arose.

We minimised the impacts on threatened species by firstly recording them precisely and then careful placement of infrastructure avoided them. In return for the provision of a Permit to destroy species that could not be avoided Federal Hotels supported a thorough botanical and habitat survey of the adjacent conservation reserve.

This survey enhanced out knowledge of what the reserve contained enormously. Knowledge of what is in reserves is extremely important to the context of impact assessments.

Solid Waste and Waste Water Reuse Schemes




Oil and Gas



State Roads

More than 150 separate road construction surveys primarily State road projects including:

Rivercare and Catchment Plans

Fire Management Plans

Consulting to AVK Environmental Management:


Bushcare Plans

Knocklofty Reserve Vegetation Management Plan, Hobart City Council 2001

This report developed with the Bushcare Group and Council has formed the basis for hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding through NHT and NRM projects to implement actions in alignment with the staged actions outlined in the plan.

Clarence Coastcare and Landcare Projects, various sites 2001

As a sub consultant to SKM Project Managers NBA identified actions and tasks for Green corps Groups and Conservation Volunteers to implement. Works included weed control, track rehabilitation, fencing, and tee planting.

Kangaroo Valley Bushcare Plan, HCC 2003

A five year staged action plan identifying tasks for local Bushcare Group, HCC bushland Unit and Contractors to implement. Works include weed control, track rehabilitation, fencing, and tree planting

Cornelian Bay Bushcare Plan, HCC 2006


Regional Studies / Strategic Plans

Meehan Range Management Plan contribution 1997
As sub consultants to Sinclair Knight Merz, Our task was to undertake detailed vegetation mapping and assessment of threatened species habitat. A sensitivity map was prepared that considered context condition and significance of vegetation types. This information could be used to inform conservation planning of the Meehan Range.

Meander Natural Resource Management Strategy 1999

Part of a multidisciplinary team coordinated by Inspiring Place this project considered a range of issues relating to natural resource management in the municipality Our work focused on developing improved vegetation mapping, identifying key projects for biodiversity conservation to direct expenditure of a devolved grant from Natural Heritage Trust. 83 key recommendations ere made

Biological Risk Assessment - Identification of critical habitats on state roads, DIER, 2000

This assessment filtered known environmental sites on the state Road asset identifying a sub -set of 15 key project areas that captured significant grassland habitats and threatened species sites. This assessment formed the basis of a grant application to World Wildlife Fund in cooperation with DPIWE Threatened Species Unit. A Access database was prepared that included baseline information, including transect data, site plans, and photo points to assist with the monitoring and conservation management of the project sites. The database is designed for monitoring change through five yearly reviews of the sites.

North West Industrial Area Environmental Planning, 2001

Part of a multidisciplinary team co-ordinated by Thompson & Brett to assess the values of an area near Port Latta under consideration as a future Industrial area. The work included detailed vegetation mapping, threatened species survey and targeted fauna survey.

Trevallyn State Reserve Vegetation Management Guidelines 2001

Detailed assessment of threatened species and vegetation conservation priorities of the reserve.

Eucalyptus ovata Conservation Management Strategy, Kingborough Council, 2003

An assessment and description of the range of habitats and vegetation types supporting this species. Existing mapping was verified and remapped. Priority sites and a methodology was developed to assist with planning assessment and conservation planning for this species in the municipality.

Habitat assessment and viability mapping of vegetation in Hobart 2004

All existing records of threatened species sites and habitats were collated and mapped for the municipality. Vegetation communities were verified and updated utilising ortho-rectified aerial photography. An innovative multi factorial model for attributing viability to sites was developed that could be used to evaluate the relative importance of one site of native vegetation against another and thus informing forward planning decisions. This project received State and National Planning Institute of Australia awards.

Coastal Mapping - Huon, Kingborough, Hobart, Glenorchy, Brighton, Glamorgan Spring Bay, NRM South 2005-2006

NRM North Coastal Mapping

These vegetation and habitat mapping projects stretched from Cockle Creek up the east coast to the east Tamar; over 1 800 km. The projects included detailed vegetation mapping of a coastal strip ands the collation of habitat data for all threatened fauna and migratory species known to occur along the coast. The condition of the vegetation and the location of environmental weeds were also determined. The same viability assessment as applied to the Hobart City Council project described above was also applied here.


Monitoring Projects

Forestry and Forest Conservation



Department of Defence

Photo by Dr Keith Corbett
Grassland and grassy sedgeland near Lake Lea lagoon