North Barker Personnel

The principal ecologists at North Barker - Ecosystem Services have provided significant input into the development of the Threatened Species Protection Act 1995, participated on various Ministerial Advisory Committees, contributed to reviews of regulations, the TASVEG Scientific Advisory Committee, and the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement CAR Scientific Advisory Group.

As members of these scientific groups we have participated in the development of all of Tasmania’s natural values priorities. Consequently we have a detailed understanding of the values the relevant regulations.

North Barker employ a team of highly regarded ecologists and other discipline specialists so that we can provide the best advice available.


Andrew North is a principal ecologist at North Barker. He has a BSc (hons) in Biology, with a background in land management. Andrew has been operating as a consultant ecologist in Tasmania since 1991. He has personally completed hundreds of natural values studies for various government and private clients. He has extensive experience of the planning approvals process in Tasmania and is a clever and valuable advocate. His field skills are highly regarded amongst his peers. Andrew has a nack for identifying simple solutions to complex challenges in the sustainable management of natural values.


Philip Barker is a principal ecologist at North Barker. He holds a PhD in ecology with more than 25 years experience in Tasmanian natural values research and impact assessments. He excelled in project and team management roles with Forestry Tasmania and Government before joining North in 1999. He has contributed significantly to the development of Tasmania's natural values assessment processes; including leading teams of other experts in the design and implementation of reserve systems and using government and market based instruments to deliver them. Philip has been a member and or chair of a number of committees responsible for advice to ministers.

Philip is particularly skilled in the reconciliation of development and the protection of natural values and is highly regarded as a professional and motivated problem solver who gets outcomes.


Susan Jungalwalla provides data management and GIS support to the group. She has a BSc in Applied Maths & Information Science and a Graduate Diploma in Information Systems. She has experience in systems design, computer programming, biometric modelling, and database design.

After working with the School of Geography at the University of Tasmania, Susan joined North Barker where she has become one of the most experience GIS experts in Tasmania. Sue is motivated by professional challenges and always brings the latest techniques to data capture, integration, analysis, management and presentation from varied sources and formats.

Northy Barker's exeptional data management, meta data, and archival systems are testiment to her thoroughness.


Dave Sayers is our senior ecologist. He has a Graduate Diploma in Natural Resource Mgt as well as a Certificate III in Horticulture (restoration and weed management) and a Bachelor of Business. He is a current member of the Ecological Society of Australia.

Dave is experienced in natural values assessments including vegetation surveys and mapping, threatened fauna and flora surveys, weed mapping and vegetation condition assessment. Dave spent a number of years mapping vegetation communities in Qld with the Department of Environment and Resource Management. He has also worked on weed and invasive animal control projects and has a number of years' experience within private consulting undertaking a range of terrestrial ecology projects including threatened species recovery, vegetation community mapping, environmental planning (mining and urban development) and GIS.

Recent projects include flora and fauna surveys for Telstra, threatened fauna surveys (striped marsh frog, tussock skink and new holland mouse) and ecological surveys all over Tasmania.


Grant Daniels is a young Tasmanian with a passion for nature and creative consulting solutions. His ability to combine efficiency with quality make him a valuable member of the North Barker team. Grant’s skills as a field ecologist, in particular in relation to flora and vertebrate fauna, are honed from a lifetime in the Tasmanian bush and are well respected by his peers. Grant’s specialties include urban development, weed infestations, farming enterprises and resource extraction.

He is an expert in applying the TASVEG plant community classification system, has a thorough understanding of state and federal environmental legislation, and comprehensive knowledge of natural values assessments and threatened species conservation protocols. Prior to becoming a consultant Grant worked and studied at UTAS and was awarded a PhD for his research in urban ecology. He is a dedicated academic writer, having written ten internationally peer-reviewed publications, and also freelances as a reviewer and editor for over 15 international scientific journals.


Karen Ziegler has a strong technical and academic background in conservation, forestry and land management. Karen holds a BSc in life and earth sciences with a major in botany.

She is also a Forest Practices Officer with a specialty of working in land clearance not usually associated with commercial forestry, eg. dams, irrigation, mining and infrastructure. She has worked extensively in assessment of conservation values in particular botany but including threatened fauna habitat, geomorphology, archaeology and soil and water values.

She provides management recommendations often in collaboration with other land managers or land owners. Karen has a passion for offshore islands and has coordinated several weed control programs in the Furneaux, Kent and Maatsuyker group of islands, including logistics and on ground works. She has a thorough grounding in conservation in production environments as well as in areas managed primarily for conservation.


Photo by Dr Keith Corbett
Grassland and grassy sedgeland near Lake Lea lagoon