Advanced GIS Mapping

North Barker Ecosystem Services have been operating a Geographic Information System (GIS) for mapping since 2003.  We offer a broad range of natural values GIS mapping services to the full spectrum of industry. 

NBGIS has grown within an industry that is exposed to a huge range of commercial issues, rather than as a GIS service in the first instance.  We believe that this “inside” or user knowledge of what is expected in the commercial and government worlds ensures the products of NBGIS exceed client expectations.

Our natural values GIS capabilities include:

For most of our GIS work we use MapInfo Professional.  We also utilise ArcView software for a smaller proportion of clients who request it. We can receive and provide data to our clients in a wide variety of formats to satisfy your needs.

In the all-important area of data management, the provision of fully documented metadata and our thoughtful and attractive presentation are additional clear points of difference that NBGIS is proud of.   

Our GIS operation is overseen by a very clever person.  Susan has over 15 years of experience in the use of GIS, and is widely respected in the GIS field for her excellent data management, presentation and analytical skills. Sue has a BSc in Applied Maths & Information Science  and post grad qualifications in Information Systems.  She is experienced in systems design, computer programming, biometric modelling and database design and has excelled in developing our business system for the capture, integration, analysis, management and presentation of data. Sue is “bilingual” being proficient with MapInfo and ArcView software.

Our GIS system and all hardware is overseen 24/7 by our specialist IT consultants.  Our system design and management protects your data to the highest possible level through multiple levels of backup. 

We have a dedicated archiving system that guarantees long term rapid access to your data and data products. 

Photo by Dr Keith Corbett
Grassland and grassy sedgeland near Lake Lea lagoon