Introducing North Barker

We offer a "one stop shop" for development approvals requiring natural values assessments including; flora, fauna, vegetation, fire hazard management, forest practices plans, weeds, archaeological and geomorphology (sand and dirt) assessments.

North Barker Ecosystem Services are a team of ecologists with a range of skills in natural values across Tasmania and Australia. North Barker is a leading environmental consulting firm with a dedication to facilitate achieving sustainable development. 

We have completed more than 2 000 projects since our formation in 1999. NBES works across a broad spectrum of industries (including mining, agriculture, energy, and urban development). 

At North Barker we focus on client success; we achieve this through innovative thinking that reconciles development with regulatory requirements. We work collaboratively with the other specialists involved in development planning including land surveyors, planning consultants, landscape architects, environmental engineers, rehabilitation experts and marine ecologists. 

We have participated in the development of the Threatened Species Protection Act 1995, the Ministerial Scientific Advisory Committee, reviews of the EPBC regulations, the TASVEG Scientific Advisory Committee, and CARSAG the RFA’s CAR Scientific Advisory Group. As members of these scientific groups we have participated in the development of all of Tasmania’s natural values priorities. Consequently we have a detailed understanding of the basis for the priorities and the regulations that apply to them. 

We promise advanced project planning and management skills based on our record; we aim to exceed client expectations.

Photo by Dr Keith Corbett
Grassland and grassy sedgeland near Lake Lea lagoon